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About breed Akhal-Teke horses

About breed Akhal-Teke horses

Akhal-Teke horse breed - is the most ancient and beautiful in the world. Originally breed originated in Turkmenistan in Soviet times, the breed has spread to the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the best breeding nuclei were concentrated here. can be found in virtually all countries, from Europe to Asia, the vast North and South America, as in Africa in the modern world, the representatives of this breed. >>>


Studfarm horses

"Центр Ахалтекинских лошадей" Веры Труновой - конный комплекс по разведению и продаже племенных ахалтекинских лошадей. Центр расположен в г. Луга Ленинградской области и является молодым хозяйством по разведению Ахалтекинских чистокровных лошадей. Открыт Верой Труновой в 2017 году с появлением первой ставки жеребят.

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Studfarm horses
Studfarm horses


Delivery of horses is carried out by air and ground transport, specially equipped for these purposes. For the transportation of horses purchased from us, we provide several carriers that have a license, including for overseas transportation. The geography of our shipments is as follows: Russia, Mongolia, China, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Romania, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus. Our horses decorate the stables of many famous people!